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Moving Checklist

Make Your Move in Canada & the US Simple

Are you ready for that big move? Whether you are a first time mover or have moved previously, here are some great moving tips that can often be overlooked. Print out this moving checklist and moving timeline to make the process easier, faster and less stressful. Run through this checklist when you start packing on moving day so that you don’t forget anything on your next move.

Your Simple Moving Checklist

  • Preparing for the move
  • 1-2 weeks before the move
  • On moving day
  • Preparing for the Move

    Our professional movers recommend following the steps below to ensure your move preparation is stress-free.

  • Reserve your movers and secure your moving dates at least one month before your move. Let us know if you need any storage services.
  • Pick up packing and moving supplies, like boxes, packing tape, tissue paper, bubble wrap, markers, and newspaper. You will most likely need more boxes than you think! Set 10 extra boxes and paper aside
  • Arrange your personal transportation and accommodations (for long distance or international moving).
  • Start packing after you’ve secured your movers. Start with less used and uncommon items (try the basement and attic).
  • Organize a garage sale or donate unwanted items to make packing easier.
  • Cancel or transfer your gardening and newspaper services.
  • 1-2 Weeks before the Move

    Follow the steps below to ensure your move if as worry-free as possible with our professional Canada movers! Have your driver’s number on hand.

  • Make sure you know which items are going on the moving truck first. Have most important items loaded last.
  • Keep personal items and documents with you. Make sure these items are clearly identified and made known to the movers.
  • Provide a map, directions, and your contacts for the movers to ensure there is no ambiguity and your items get to your new home as easily as possible. If your building or apartment has special regulations, please let them know.
  • Make sure there’s a clear path and parking spot for the movers to load and unload items.
  • Have snacks and drinks ready. Remember your fridge is empty and moving can take some extra energy.
  • Note the utility meter readings at your old and new home.
  • Do a final cleaning sweep of the old home and have some cleaning supplies ready.
  • Give the movers an overview of the items in your house that are to be moved and any special requests before they begin. It is important that you are there during loading and unloading to make sure your belongings are in the right room and to answer any questions.
  • Check that all your items that left your old house are at the new house.
  • Turn off all appliances and lights at the old house. Don’t forget to lock the door and close the windows!
  • Download the moving checklist and print it out to use as a handy reference during your move!
  • On Moving Day

    What’s more, you can expect the same professional Canadian moving services in all our household, residential or commercial/office relocations. We treat you well, no matter the distance or difficulty!

    Here are a few more ways we help you:
  • We ship large items like pianos, automobiles and motorcycles with ease (ask about additional costs).
  • We move your large-screen TV or appliances safely.
  • You can expect free, basic insurance on every move (customizable with additional insurance options).
  • Get the storage you need for partial moves, downsizing, remodelling or for other purposes.
  • We include all loading and unloading services within the base cost of your move.