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Moving Dos and Do Not’s

Moving is a huge undertaking that can either be super exciting and enjoyable or incredibly stressful. If you search online for moving dos and don’ts, you will find dozens of different sites that all have a few great points. Here we have put together some of the most useful do’s and don’ts of moving!

•DON’T wait until the Last Minute – The earlier you start planning your move, the smoother it will go. There are plenty of thing you can do two months prior so you are not overwhelmed with tasks at the last minute. Checking things of your list early will keep your head more clear for other important tasks.

•DO Create Lists – You may want to create one checklist of everything you need to do, or you might prefer to make weekly checklists to stay on track. We have a useful checklist available on our website that you can print off or you can make your own. Do whatever works best for you.

•DON’T Pay for Moving Supplies – You can find used boxes that are free at restaurants, bars and stores (Walmart). You do not need bubble wrap or other packing supplies either; towels, linens, tees, blankets and sweaters work just fine and are better for the environment.

•DO Pack a “Carry along” Bag – This will include everything you need to get you through at least the first day (for local moving) or next few days (for long distance moving). Pack items such as clothes, toiletries, medications, snacks, etc. (if you are like me, make sure to bring along some instant coffee before you find where your coffee pot box has been placed).

•DON’T Withhold Information from Your Inventory – When booking your job, make sure that your inventory is as accurate as possible. Being accurate from the start will help make sure you’re viewing the most correct prices.

•DO Get Measurements for your new home – Measure twice, move once! If you think that your piano, sectional sofa or king size bed will fit just by looking at the space, you could find yourself in an awkward situation when it doesn’t. Not to mention, you will also have to make sure these items will fit through .

•DON’T Pass up the Offer of a Babysitter – Moving is a lot easier when you don’t have kids underfoot. Chances are good that you will have people offering to babysit, so take advantage of them! This goes for pets too. If you can drop your four-legged friend at someone’s house for the day, or at the groomers it is a good idea. It will also eliminate the stress of them watching someone they don’t know carry and move around all “their” stuff.

•DO Label Boxes Clearly – You don’t have to actually list what’s in the boxes, but you can list the room or use colored stickers or tape to identify them. It will make unpacking much easier.

•DON’T Forget to Declutter before hand – Just because you get a great price does not mean you should just move everything. There is probably plenty of stuff you don’t need; take this opportunity to sell, donate or trash these items.